A StarCraft II Battle Gets Epic

Begin fluffing your neckbeards, here’s something a friend recently sent:

I just played a game against DoubleTeaming. He opts for the roach ravager timing attack. I surrender my third base and valiantly hold back, massing up my roach defenses and waiting for my upgrades to finish. His ravagers launch corrosive bile and destroy one of my evolution chambers. Only the attack upgrade will finish, I realize. Will it be enough? At the last possible second, I form the perfect concave and push out. My upgrade advantage is too potent. As I decimate my opponent’s army, his Zerg turn and flee. The remnants of my brood give chase until they encounter my enemy’s swarming reinforcements, now equipped with the speed upgrade. A Great War of Attrition begins, with my roaches valiantly meeting his roaches and hydralisks in the center of the map. As the war rages on, his hydralisks finally begin to gain ground. DoubleTeaming starts to push closer and closer. Now, only one line of my roaches stands between him and my drones. This is it. Suddenly, the sound of a shrieking giant worm bursting forth from the ground. It is the sound of my enemy’s annihilation. Ten of my ultralisks emerge from the Nydus Worm I have placed behind his army. As their great tusks slice his army to pieces, my opponent types “g,” and leaves the game. So hasty was he to abandon the sight of his utter destruction that he could not even manage “gg.”

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