Random Bidtits (2/5/2018)

Fuck the Patriots, ya heard? Separately. How are my boys doing out there in these turbulent markets? Enjoying some volatility? I know it’s a rollercoaster but as my true finance boys know, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate.

And now, some photos to enjoy:

I hope everyone enjoyed watching the Patriots stumble on the national stage as much as I did. Great show. As was the SOTU address! Who else got face paint and streamers to watch the address? I was rocking the face paint pretty hard but it was still rather tame compared to Melania’s. Also, how do I reconcile Donny T-zone’s rhetoric that 1) he’s saving the manufacturing industry, while at the same time in his personal life, 2) he’s focused on supporting the service industry ala Stormy Daniels? Eh, I get it, and am actually cool with him focusing on the services sector. The last time he actually made something, it was the Trump children. And I do NOT, need another helping of that heap of gelled ruffians. Donald Jr, Eric, Barron, Ivanka? Ugh. And Tiffany?!? She looks like a life-long boxer. Or boxer’s wife in the case of Mike Tyson.

Ellen Pao.

And finally, does anyone else have someone in their life who sends text messages or leaves voicemails with “call me, I have something to tell you” with literally NO ADDITIONAL DETAIL?!? This bullshit has to end. This is what anarchy looks like, people.

Well, I’m back to watching the markets open in Japan, China, and Best Korea.

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