Confessions from a NYC Subway



Oh boy. In the subway? This is going to have a lot of hair on it.

Probably good he’s wearing a raincoat.

Wonder if its written in Hebrew (read right to left); would make sense given he’s planning on starting at the back and making his way forward.

Takes me back to the days of poor jazz players playing rusty trombones on the subway system.

Apparently this dude has a taste for this type of literature.  I asked him about it and he started giving me some lip.  The guy’s nasty attitude really had some teeth to it.

He looks like a state senator in that coat.  Dude tracks the progress in his book like he likes his pages, bent over.

Guy on the right looks a bit interested in our buddy; I don’t see a ring…although that may leave our buddy uninterested.

Think he finishes before he reaches the appendix?

– Please add anything we’ve missed to the comments section.  As well, note the perfect placement and use of colons throughout this post…also, see chapter three.

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