House of the Day (5/2/2020) / Watching BRK Right Now?

Okay, who else is watching the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting right now?  Sort of depressing without all of the people. Just outside of Cashiers, North Carolina, this is the ultimate Adirondack style mountain lodge.  The property borders the Nantahala National Forest, ensuring privacy and abundant wildlife, as well as borders the Chattooga River with a... Continue Reading →

Toilet Fun and The 18 Absolute Worst Places To Poop On The Planet

Good morning, appreciators, oglers, and consumers of all things scat.  I'll first begin with a link to, and I can't believe I'm doing this, Buzzfeed with an article titled The 18 Absolute Worst Places To Poop On The Planet.  Credit where it's due, this is hard-hitting journalism that's sure to leave its mark. The second... Continue Reading →

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