Random Bidtits (11/6/2018)

But first, some geographic trivia: Did you know that there's a Town of China in Maine?  There's even a Village of South China in China, Maine.  Wow, cool!  Did you know there's also a City of Palestine, Texas?  Wowsers!  My fellow xBone/PS4 neckbeards will be equally thrilled to know that there's a City of Beardstown,... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (10/15/2018)

Today's "song of the day" is named after a favorite drinking game from my beer-guzzling youth. The song is Crank That by Soulja Boy. I remember (or don't) nights spent gargoyling atop rows of kegs whilst my school chums would pound natties and play "watch me crank it watch me roll...then Superman that oooh" -... Continue Reading →

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