Song of the Day (10/11/2018)

In the spirit of celebrating the Ralph Club - Biggest Contributor's successful nomination to the highest court of the land (move aside City of Berkeley), today's song of the day is The Magic Number by De La Soul. Throw on your one-piece because this rift is gonna take you for a ride. Donny T is... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (9/25/2018)

GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNINGGGGGGGGG VIETNAMMMMMM! Musings and Malarkey has taught me a lot about life and human nature. In fact, I’m learning the same lessons Trump learned two years ago. The worse you are as a person / more irreverent and offensive you are, the more people want to follow you. This is asinine. I’m doing everything... Continue Reading →

OMG! Asians are Disadvantaged at Harvard?!?

Stop the presses. SHUT DOWN THE MACHIIIIIIINES!!!! What the fuck just happened and how is this now news? Fortunately, your author and Individual Liberties Justice Warrior is here to clear the air. Let me explain something very fucking clearly for you SJWs. Put down your pastel-colored knitted scarves and shake off your fair trade hemp... Continue Reading →

Stop the Fucking Presses…

WE MISSED SOMETHING BIG: And if that isn't enough to put papers in hands, then you've got to appreciate this helpful insight: I'm coining it right here and right now: snowflake journalism. Enjoy it before it gets popular... HEY GUYS! Want to know the sort of innovative projects that your tax dollars are supporting? The... Continue Reading →

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